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International Consortium On Rehabilitation Robotics
​​​​​​​​International Consortium on Rehabilitation Robotics


Rehabilitation robotics is the use of robotics technology to help restore function to a person with a physical or mental disability. This can be assistive, where you help someone do a task (such as feeding), prosthetic, where the robotics replaces the function of a part of the body (such as an artificial arm), or therapeutic, where the robot helps a person get better so that they no longer need the robotic device (such as a robotic training environment).

The International Consortium on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR) was founded in 2011 during the ICORR conference held in Zurich, Switzerland, which built on an inital meeting at the ICORR 2009 conference held in Kyoto, Japan, as part of a conference-wide "road map" discussion. The group decided that the field had matured to a point where it needed to function more as a society. The group resolved to begin in a simple manner and expand as membership and interest demands.

The ICORR initiative aims to:

·   Promote the field by bringing together engineers, scientists, clinicians, policy makers, and industry

·   Share experiences and resources between members

·   Fast-track knowledge transfer from the research lab, to industry, to clinical practice

·   Represent its members and guide policy-making in rehabilitation practice and safety standards

·   Amass supportive evidence of good research and clinical practice



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